Pastor's Evaluation Letters

About Renewal Weekends



Pastor Billy Crabtree - Pinetops Baptist Church

Dear Brother Bob, 1/21/19

It was such a blessing seeing you and the team that “God put together” lovingly share with Pinetops Baptist this weekend. Due to their sweet spirit and being spirit-led, I really enjoyed the team meeting, just hearing how God was active in each of their lives. I also want to share some of the commits that were shared on the survey sheets we received back last night. They tell their story some much better than I could ever word it.

“This weekend, the church and I have grown closer together than ever before.  I  especially like the Catecomb service with everyone quoting  scriptures and singing.  We need to do this more often.  The Holy Spirit was moving.

I just love these weekends.  God just amazes me in what He does.  I love the testimonies that people share that you would least expect to hear from God.  God works in these meetings.  I am so grateful!

My heart was very blessed.  I want to learn more about our Savior and His words.  I want to live the way Christ walked and lived.

* Wonderful experience – spirit filled team members.  They had a positive effect on me.  God really did show up.

*Successful!  Sharing in smaller groups helped us to get to know members of the church.  God impressed upon me to share with others that I don’t know – be bold and step out on faith when he nudges me to share that He is my courage to do that.  And to spend more time in God’s word and give time to Him.

*I enjoyed the time that we spent together in small groups surrounded by others who we may not have had the chance to get to know on a personal level.  I feel it allows us to easier share our struggles on a personal level and to rely on God through our low points in our lives.

*I have learned to give all my troubles to God and not worry.

This weekend opened my eyes and heart.  The love of God is real and it was truly revealed to me.  I want to continue on the path that God has shown me.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in planning this weekend.  And most of all thank you God for your unfailing love!

12 People stated – I present my life to Jesus Christ in total surrender to his Lordship

9  people stated – their desire to develop a personal quiet time with the Lord every day

8 – People stated – I want to learn to share my faith in Jesus

30 People said – I want to be part of a small group!

Bro. Just think of the impact that this weekend will have on our families, our church and our community. Please pray for me to lead them and stay out of the Lord’s way until He calls the pastor He has chosen to lead them to greater things than they could ever dream of without the mighty movement fo God we experienced this weekend. Thanks so much for being willing to be used of the Lord to help us “in such a time as this”. May God continue to use you and your sweet wife until He comes is my prayer.

P.S. Our sharing service last night lasted almost 2 hours – with some of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. It was sooo sweet.

In His Service,

Bro Billy Crabtree


Pastor Charlie Martin - Bethel Baptist Church

Dear Bob and Phyllis and Team Members,

Two days have passed since we completed our LAY RENEWAL WEEKEND.  I have tried to think of ways to express what I am feeling in my heart but am at a loss to adequately relate

my feelings.  This was one of the greatest ministering weekends of my years in serving The Lord.

 I have been blessed with hosting some of the greatest pastors, missionaries, and

Gospel ministry teams throughout the past 50 years but never anything that touched the

hearts of my church family in such a moving way as my people experienced last week.

 I am so glad that Marcus Redding recommended that I look into hosting the LAY RENEWAL WEEKEND at Bethel.  

God gave me 37 wonderful years at First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks in Largo,

Florida.  I felt that I would probably never leave there.  I could not even imagine that God would

ever lead me to a higher calling.  Then one day He did.  The transition came and we were led

by The Holy Spirit to Bethel. The Church had gone through so much and had been without a pastor for almost 5 years.  The attendance had dropped to only 12 people and they could not find a pastor.  Throughout this time, God was working behind the scenes.  That is why I feel

so strongly about this moving of The Lord.  We serve The One true and living Lord who is able

to do far more than we could ever imagine.  

Bob, God has His mighty hand upon you and Phyllis.  The Lord is using both of you in such a mighty way, even in a little mountain church in the backwoods of North Carolina.  Several of your team were telling of their frightening trip over Phillip’s Branch road as they got near our church.  

Thank you both again for leading your team and our church in renewal.  God blessed us with several decisions as well as all of those who joined the church this past Sunday morning.  

We will be baptizing several in the creek on Sunday, August 26th and more in the river in September.  

Our team is praying now and will meet next week to plan our next LAY RENEWAL TEAM EVENT  for next year.

 Blessings and Love,

 Pastor Charlie Martin